World’s Greatest mysteries…True or Fake?

There are a lot of mysteries in human history, which still puzzle us as to what’s the real story behind them. We have two types of mysteries: – the ‘unexplained’ and the ‘unsolvable’. As we look into most of the unexplained mysteries, all of them lead to lead to one question:- Are they true…or fake?

Well, this is quite a common question which we mostly face in mysteries. So, here we take a look at some of them…

1. Crop Circles

These signs and patterns can be quite disturbing to look at. We obviously know that these patterns are created by the flattening of the certain crop, but the question arises:- Who, or exactly what has caused the flattening of crops to create these unique patterns?

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One explanation for such patterns to form is that perhaps it was done as a prank. In 1991, Bower and Chorley confessed to making the first crop circles in South England. Even though people didn’t believe them, they proved that it wasn’t done by natural causes. Another cause is, as we mentioned, the weather. Some scientists believe that crop formations could be created by tornadoes or ball lightning, however there is no proof that these patterns could be formed by such events. It was even endorsed in 1991 by physicist Stephen Hawking who said that, “Crop circles are either hoaxes or formed by vortex movement of air.

The final explanation (and the most famous one) is paranormal activity. Ever since these patterns gained popularity in the 1980s, it has brought  scientists to believe that these patterns are created by extra-terrestrials. But what may be the real reason, perhaps we will never know…

2. Bigfoot (Sasquatch) 

This creature is well known to scare the life out of of hikers and hunters in North America. However, Scientists consider Sasquatch to be the result of folklore, misidentification or simply a hoax.

In 1951, Eric Shipton photographs what appears to be the Yeti’s footprint. It is this photograph that brought scientists to study about these supernatural creatures. In 1924,  Fred Beck claims that he and four other miners were attacked by several “apemen”, who were throwing rocks  at them. He also argued that the creatures were mystical beings from another dimension, claiming that he had experienced psychic premonitions and visions his entire life of which the apemen were only one component.

Also, in 1941 Jeannie Chapman and her children said they had escaped their home when a 7.5 feet (2.3 m) tall Sasquatch approached their residence in Ruby Creek, British Columbia. The last sighting was by Rick Jacobs, as he took a picture of a creature, which appears to be the mysterious creature Bigfoot.

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Despite all these sightings, scientists believe that it is virtually impossible that a prehistoric, bipedal, apelike creature could exist, simply because the breeding population of such an animal would have to be so large that many more sightings would be reported. What’s more, with so many Bigfoot running around, we would have found some physical evidence by now, such as fecal matter, hair, footprints, and even numerous corpses and skeletons. Perhaps this creature could be a man in an ape costume, in order to scare the hell out of people. Or, it could be another one of those misidentified animals. So, due to lack of evidence, these things may not be real. Or could they?

3. The Belnez Faces

How would you feel when the picture of a face appears on your floor, and even after replacing the tile with another one, another face would appear? This problem was faced by Maria Pereira, as she saw a new face every time she destroyed her floor and replaced it.  Every time she saw a face, María’s husband, Juan Pereira and their son, Miguel, destroyed the image with a pickaxe and new concrete was laid down. The mayor of Bélmez decided not to destroy the floor, instead take it for study.

Pictures of each Belmez face. Are they caused by supernatural means...or are they fake?
Pictures of each Belmez face. Are they caused by supernatural means…or are they fake?

By analysis, it was found out that the reason for these faces was perhaps because of chemical reactions. With this, it was believed that Maria probably created the faces by herself or the current person people believed to have started was her son, Diego Pereira. Because, she had never benefited from all the publicity she was getting,  and also after she died, more faces started to appear, implying that her son did it.

Another reason people believed is that the house was built above a graveyard which was used by the Romans, Spanish Muslims and then Medieval Christians.

Research uncovered that the house was actually built on top of a graveyard, so the decision was made to see what exactly lay underneath the flooring. After digging down nine feet on the same spot where the faces were appearing, human remains were found, removed, and the floor was relayed.  Two weeks later, a whole new batch of faces appeared on the floor.

So, what may be the real reason for these faces? Perhaps we will never know…


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