The Slender Man: Real or Fake?

Slender. Just one word is enough to send a chill up your spine. This tall monster is known worldwide in the famous game Slender: The Eight Pages (Click on link to download game). This monster is known of abducting children (not exactly any random child, there is a certain pattern linked to it). Each child in each of the photo shown below has disappeared after the photo was shot…

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About the game:

To download Slender: The Eight Pages, click here

This is a walkthrough by IGN to show what the Slender game looks like:-

In Real Life:-

Well, there are also many videos and audios based on the Slender Man:-

And over here, this was posted by Marble Hornets. This guy talks about his friend who was shooting a film entitled the Marble Hornets. However, these videos turned out to be encounters with the Slender Man. He thought of burning it, but this friend insisted that he have the clips.

After seeing all this, we come towards one question. Do we believe in this monster? I would say no.

I mean, after writing all this, and then saying that you don’t believe in this, it’s crazy (and in a way, jobless too).

But, this Something Awful created monster is believed by many people to be responsible for the missing children.  Slender man is just a creature created in the Internet by Something Awful Forums. But, it shows that we’re not alone…

However, as I have said, I don’t believe in Slender. Do you?

(Click here to get Slender: The Arrival)


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